“Committed to growth-seeking service-based businesses, particularly in holistic and creative fields, my approach blends financial analysis with a focus on values and mindfulness. Beyond addressing financial aspects, I guide clients in turning freelancing or hobbies into fulfilling assets. My mission is empowering clients to align their businesses with their values, creating a path to their best lives.”

Create a business that solves client’s problems

With over 20 years of experience and qualifications in wealth attraction, financial planning & money personality I go beyond the numbers and help my clients home in on the services they provide that are solutions and therefore profitable.

Turn your freelance or hobby into an Asset

We’ve had a lot of clients come to us within various industries including Network Marketing, holistic and creative hobbies that they want to monetize or freelancers that want to turn their little biz into an asset.

Follow your values and create a value-based business

But the one thing that my clients have in common is their desire to do business on their terms so that they can live their best life.

Adopt a CEO Mindset

We use Money Personality profiling to help you amplify your character strengths and mitigate the more challenging aspects of your money habits & attitudes.


Small, yet mighty service based business owners are often challenged by doubt, overwhelm & uncertainty towards money preventing them from being able to flourish financially and find fulfilment in their business.

I’ve been coaching and facilitating about money personality, habits and behaviours for more than 20 years.

My career in finance ranges from bookkeeper, project accountant, financial analyst. I am a former Independent Financial Advisor.

So it makes sense that I love helping clients gain clarity around their finances and to help them plan their prosperity.

I am creative and my interests are in health & wellness. I walk, meditate and practice mindfully living on a daily basis whilst mentoring and raising my two children with my husband.

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