People are worshipping busy-ness – I see the stress & anxiety that modern life imposes on us which creates financial stress trying to keep up, encouraging financial infidelity (where we lie about our finances to ourselves, our families, friends) and you can relate to this.

You are motivated – You like action.  You align with truth and move in that direction.  You are not complacent.

You enjoy analysis & planning –  It’s OK if you sometimes get analysis paralysis.  Done is better than perfect and that’s where I can help.

You are ethical –  In your business, you care about people & planet before profits.  Sure, you want to prosper but not in a zero sum game.  In your personal life, you support local and sustainable businesses.

You are open to archetypal consultation – you understand that who you are determines what you get out of your life.

In the past, you might have suffered from financial anxiety, overwhelm, shame & infidelity – It now gets in your way and you are ready to transform your relationship with money and build a business that positively impacts your world.

Feel like we might be a fit?

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