The concept of a business plan, how to make it dynamic so that it becomes a tool rather than a waste of time is a popular topic.  Having a business plan will reconfigure your time, energy and focus!

Are you an entrepreneur with a new service or product? Are you swimming in a sea of paperwork? Are you having trouble getting your business plan sorted?  Do you have a business plan but it’s gathering dust?

A traditional business plan is used by companies to outline their business concept usually for the purposes of securing a loan or gaining investor seed money to start up their business.

Many small businesses avoid this step because they think they are too small or they think it’s a hassle.  Some entrepreneurs created an initial business plan and never looked back once they began business.

Business analysis and planning are activities that enable you to evolve as your business develops and grows; it’s a tool that can help you focus and help you see where you may be approaching trouble.

Setting aside time at regular intervals, to plan out what you want to do and more importantly what growth you want to achieve in the coming year is crucial to your success.

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