Business plans are not only used by companies to outline their business concept for the purposes of securing a loan or gaining investor seed money to start up their business.  And many small businesses avoid this step because they think they don’t need to or don’t know how.  A plan is simply a decision document that outlines actions and outcomes that one wants to achieve.

Business analysis and planning are activities that enable you to evolve as your business develops and grows; it’s a process that can help you focus and help you see where you may be approaching trouble.

But more importantly, I’ve found it to be a practice.  A process by which I can clarify ideas, projects, services against feasibility measures.  Is it feasible to do now?  Do I need to do something else first? etc…

It’s also about identifying who you need to be in order to attract the outcomes you are seeking.  And what resources you need to get you there too.

Setting aside time at regular intervals, to plan out what you want to do and what growth you want to achieve in the coming year is crucial to your success.


Or, you can “see” that an idea or project needs to be put on the back burner, scrapped or tweaked.

That hobby that you want to turn into a profit-seeking entity?  Once you map out the plan, you realise that it’s not what you want to do.

That Network Marketing company that you want to explore?  Why, this might just be a goer!

Through the planning process I’ve managed to build my bookkeeping and my money coaching businesses on my terms.  That’s involved ALOT of iterations of what those businesses could have looked like.  The planning process allowed me to scrap ideas that honestly, would have kept me in the grind (rat race).

It helped me decide to close down my Aromatherapy Massage business.  And, that I was a “friends and family” category Network Marketer.  So it’s not always about growth & profit.  Sometimes, it’s just about choosing correctly to pivot or move on following your heart, and going for what you truly want.

I love this process and have been showing others how to properly plan since 2003 with my original version called The Organic Business Plan!  Think of a business plan as a route map or a vision board with action steps and more details!

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