Planning gets a bad rap when it’s done with your mind and not your heart.  And no, this is not an airy fairy discussion about manifestation.  The planning p-r-o-c-e-s-s is what’s important.  It’s all about clarifying ideas and seeing if an idea works within the context of your business right now.  It’s also about identifying who you need to be in order to attract the outcomes you are seeking.  And what resources you need to get you there too.

Setting aside time every month, to plan out what I want to do and more importantly if it’s feasible in the coming month, quarter & year has been crucial to my own success in my bookkeeping practice as well as my Money Coaching business.  It helped me decide to close down my Aromatherapy Massage business.  And, that I was a “friends and family” category Network Marketer.  So it’s not always about growth & profit.  Sometimes, it’s just about choosing correctly to pivot or move on following your heart, and going for what you truly want.

Come join me for a 7 Day Fall in Love with Planning Challenge 

Over the next seven days, I want to share some of what I’ve learned and what I’ve found helpful with you.

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