I work with clients whose wellness is impacted by stress & anxiety.   Which requires a full consultation, followed by a treatment plan that may include multiple sessions as we get to the source of the stress and detox it out of the body.

Each of my holistic massage treatments are designed to facilitating change in the body to enable my clients to experience peace & calm in this busy modern world.

Having a plan in place is comforting and empowering to my clients as they are able to track their improvement.

The initial session is 90 minutes followed by an agreed number of follow up sessions that are approximately priced as follows:


1 Hour £45 & 90 Minutes £75

(With Aromatherapy add £10)

You live your life through one vessel, your body.  Keeping it in optimal shape without build-up of stress, anxiety and toxins is paramount to leading your best life because, where else are you going to live?

We so often work and play hard, not looking after ourselves hoping it won’t catch up with us.  Our bodies (and minds) are exhausted keeping all our plates spinning.

Your energy is your vitality. Without energy, you will struggle with living your best life.

Your body retains toxicity, essentially keeping score.

You can’t stress to wellness.  Studies show that when your body is addicted to drama or stress, it can’t function properly.  And this produces a fertile environment for dis-ease and a compromised spirit and immune system.

Regular massage has shown to improve your levels of stress as well as help you to sleep better and function better in general.