In a world that worships busy-ness it’s no wonder many are suffering from anxiety, frustration & overwhelm and total disconnection from self & body.  

Which means there is a lack of feeling authentic.

You may feel like you aren’t actually living in the present.  You might be running someone else’s version of how you should be living.  You may feel like you are constantly responding to other people’s demands on your attention. And this reflects in feeling like you do not own your “self”.

Self care might feel like a foreign concept or something that only those with time on their hands or deeper pockets have the luxury of practicing.  When I….then I will is something you find yourself thinking often.  Too often.

Welcome to my little slice of the internet, a place where you can foster a mindful way of being that helps you awaken to the joy of knowing, being and loving yourself and enabling you to live your best life.  Today. Now.

When we take a mindful approach to living, we begin to wake up.

Our hope is that you embark on a lifestyle transformation towards a better way of being; a way of gracefully jumping off that hamster wheel of not.good.enough.  One where you get to truly see what is happening now, in terms of your authenticity, and empowers you to choose whether you wish to continue forward or adjust accordingly.

When we actively engage in our daily activities mindfully and with integrity to our true nature and values, the quality of our life changes.  We gain acceptance of ourself.