Becoming skilled in Mindfulness helps you notice the bloom of each passing moment.

Mindfulness is about “tilling the soil of our own mind and ensuring that it can serve as a source of clarity, compassion, and right action in our lives.” Jon Kabat-Zinn

You become aware that thoughts come and go and so do feelings.  And that you can choose to chase thoughts.  You can begin to select which thoughts to chase that are helpful and productive.  Inside each present moment all possibilities exist!  Which is transformational!  You have the unlimited ability to manifest who you need to be to live your best life.

The overarching theme of my guided mindfulness meditations are Manifesting a life of wellness & prosperity.  Which is about cultivating harmony between body & mind while living an authentic life.

“Manifesting is not about attracting what you want. Manifesting is an awareness and an understanding that you attract what you are.” Wayne Dyer

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In addition to channeling your energy for life mastery, the benefits of meditation as a practice are:

  1. Reduces chronic stress – the kind that focusses on things you cannot control and rarely happens
  2. Reframes Anxiety
  3. Promotes Emotional wellbeing
  4. Enhances a more resourceful state
  5. Improves focus and attention