Are you struggling with money management?

Do you feel like you have toxic financial behaviour and are looking for a mindful way to cleanse your money matters for better financial wellness?

If so, you probably have lot of questions like:

  1. How can I learn practical tools to manage my money without feeling overwhelm?
  2. I struggle with money confidence, how can I improve my mindset?
  3. I get lost in a sea of financial terms so how do I know what advice I am getting is useful?
  4. How can I heal my relationship with money creating a new & empowered money story?

If these sound familiar, then you’ll love my Money Detox.

This course shows you how to:

  • Apply a mindful approach to look at the 4 main concepts of money
  • Identify your money habits that limit your financial wellness
  • Explore your current money behaviour and what triggers your money challenges
  • Discover your right mindset for attracting more wealth

As a money detox coach, I help women who are struggling with money management and toxic financial behaviour to cleanse their money matters for better financial wellness.  That means they have more freedom to flourish and enjoy life!

More choices, more freedom, more abundance and yes, more whatever it is you want!

We hold ourselves back from transformation because of uncertainty.  Our minds are programmed to keep us safe.  And knowing what is, is safe.

But the mind does not know what is real or imagined.

  • How do you know what thoughts are true?
  • What assumptions are you making around your money?
  • What energy and emotions are running the show?

These are some of the enquiries we investigate in transforming your money mindset to achieve new results that will help you flourish financially.

We change your money narrative so you are empowered to move towards prosperity and not held back by old, toxic beliefs and habits.